Makers of the Future | Colour Grading with Mill Executive Producer Rochelle Brown

We caught up with Mill Executive Producer, Rochelle Brown on a few recent highlights from the Colour team, words of advice for upcoming Colourists and her thoughts on what's next for the world of Colour grading in 2021.
Community January 25, 2021

Tell us about some upcoming Mill Colour highlights you’re excited to share.

There are a countless number of Colour highlights that I would be excited to share. However, the following are the chosen few. 


Nike Japan | The Future Isn’t Waiting (Above)

This spot explores bullying and racism in Japan by using the real-life experiences of 3 young mixed-heritage footballers or soccer players as they say here in the US. Graded by Mikey Rossiter, the boldness of the colors in this piece brings to life the true essence of the story. 


Harley Davidson | The Race of Gentlemen (Above)

I am equally excited about this Harley Davidson spot we graded called United We Will Ride. The interesting thing about this project is that there was virtually no VFX work needed. All rig removals and image stabilization were done in the baselight by Nick Metcalf.

What new technical advances will the Colour team make in 2021? 

The dynamic of working from home via remote grading is the most profound technical advancement we need to focus on at this time. Although we are able to offer our full range of services remotely, the primary challenge is to transform the remote experience even further where possible.


How has remote colour grading changed things for the future?

Remote colour grading has opened up the world for both the colorists and creatives. Those who were previously reserved in utilizing colour grading remote services have been forced through the pandemic to adjust and have now become accustomed to the process. So much so that I hope we are able to get a director or DP back in house again

The paradigm has shifted from an onsite to a remote location all because of the pandemic. There is a very strong vibe that this shift will be permanent and that this will become the new norm. Moving forward, onsite grading can easily become an aberration. Get ready for the change because the change has come.


What creative trends do you think we’ll see in 2021? 

The development of brand-new software that will allow a more advance i.e. cutting-edge approach to Color correction. Currently, the Colourlab AI approach is a specific example that gives credence to the development of a new initiative. Using advanced AI models trained for cinematic content, Colourlab AI makes it simple to automatically colour match footage from a graded clip or reference image. Instantly matching scenes across an edited timeline, the time-savings this software offers is revolutionary.


What are your top tips for aspiring Colourists? 

  1. Learn all the nuances of your colour correction system 
  2. Practice matching looks of your favorite colourist(s) 
  3. Join organizations that support your craft and allow you to network with other fellow colourists, cinematographers and directors. 
  4. Build your credits – remember that acquiring experience is a key component. 
  5. Follow your favorite colourists, companies on social media.


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Executive Producer | Rochelle Brown