GMUNK and The Mill combine to craft OFFF Barcelona’s 20th Anniversary Title Sequence

Work May 14, 2021

We partnered with OFFF Barcelona to develop a teaser of epic proportions for the festival’s first-ever virtual event.

The two-minute epic teaser, titled ‘Decima’ was directed by The Mill’s GMUNK and transports the viewer into a futuristic world armed with spaceships, extraterrestrial beings, robots and mesmerizing lasers. The film conveys intense emotion through its cinematic sound design and visuals and was inspired by the afterlife.

GMUNK explains: “Since my father passed away a few years ago, I’ve been obsessed with themes of the afterlife and transmigration, and I’ve been dreaming constantly about where his soul will be placed next. I’ve always had deep questions about Soul Passage and wanted to expand on it creatively through the lens of science fiction, to let the imagination run wild as a sort of expressive grieving phase. Sometimes dreaming is the best medicine.

“For this project, I teamed up with my concept writer and frequent collaborator Stephen Marshall and we developed two different screenplays, one long-form for the larger story called ‘The Rune Protocol’, and one shorter form entitled ‘Decima’ for the backstory leading up. Once you start creating the world, there are so many interesting vignettes you can take the characters on. The best part of being a filmmaker is dreaming up all the history and new scenarios. Right now, however, I’m focused on ‘Decima’ being a legendary title sequence for 2022 and rightfully so, because OFFF itself is the most legendary and their 20th anniversary is the cause for great celebration.”

Executive Director of Mill Direction Stephen Venning says: “The Mill has been hugely excited to help GMUNK bring his original content idea Decima to life. One of our commitments to our Directorial talent is to invest in their creative IP ideas including short films and music promos. Personally, when I watch this trailer I can easily see it translating into a movie or an episodic show, which would certainly be something GMUNK’s utterly unique talent absolutely deserves”


You can find out more about OFFF Barcelona via their website. You can also get in touch with our Direction team regarding your upcoming projects here and check out more of GMUNK’s work via his Creative Talent profile.