Go behind the scenes of Smart Energy’s latest spot to see how our VFX team crafted a photoreal Einstein

News May 17, 2021

AMV and Smart Energy came to us with the ambitious task of creating a digital version of Einstein, in order to do this our VFX team, which included facial shape experts, crafted a unique and groundbreaking visual effects pipeline and spent months researching and developing a robust toolset so we could convincingly portray the nuances of Einstein’s personality.

We used cutting-edge 4D volumetric capture technology to capture the performance of an actor. This was then used to re-create subtle facial performances and intricate details in CGI. We also developed a bespoke system to process and export facial data before our team meticulously groomed each hair, wrinkle and eye detail on the CGI model.

“This was definitely a first for The Mill. Although we have tackled digital human creation in the past, it would be fair to say it hasn't been done at this level before. This project presented us with so many technical and artistic challenges which would have been difficult in normal circumstances let alone doing it all remotely during a pandemic! We've been lucky to have some of the world's most incredible talent working on this project — amongst the best in their field. We loved every minute of it!”
Alex Hammond, Creative Director

You can check out the original ‘Einstien Knows Best’ spot here or get in touch with our VFX teams to discuss your upcoming photoreal project via our Contact page. You can also read our full Smart Energy ‘Einstein Knows Best’ Case Study here.