HBO’s ‘House of the Dragon’ 3D billboard lands in Times Square

We collaborated with HBO Max and LG Electronics USA on an immersive 3D experience on LG's digital billboard in iconic Times Square in New York.
Work August 15, 2022

For the release of their highly-anticipated upcoming series ‘House of the Dragon’, HBO approached us with the idea of bringing one of the fiercest dragons of the show, Caraxes, to LG’s massive 3D billboard in Times Square.

The Mill collaborated directly with HBO to direct a 20+ second narrative that highlights the dragon’s sheer intimidating scale and dangers, but also to make it as believable as possible with the help of the impressive 14-meter tall 3D billboard located at the Bertelsmann Building between 45th and 7th Street. The billboard was created to look almost as if the creature is coming out of the building while spitting fire.

“The biggest challenge was to come up with a story that worked within the physical boundaries of the 3D billboard as well as the specific angles of the point of view on street level. This threw a lot of challenges onto our Animation Director Marion Strunck, who had to animate Caraxes with an incredible wingspan of 72 meters forcing its way through an art-directed cave and columns to give the illusion he is coming out of the screen to breathe fire onto the audience on Times Square.”
-Carsten Keller, Director

Since the Launch of the 3D NYC Billboard on August 12th, the spot has already generated over 360,000 views on YouTube alone, plus an additional 273,000+ views on TikTok within 3 days.

In addition to the intricate 3D Billboard in NYC, our team executed a bespoke 20-second story for a 3D Screen in Melbourne Australia’s Bourke Street Mall plus additional 2D screens that will launch in 36 countries around the globe.

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Brand: HBO Max
Senior Manager: Zachary Krame
Senior Creative Director: Michael Hagos
Account Director: Liz Keating
VFX: The Mill
Director: Carsten Keller
Head of CG & VFX Supervisor: Fabian Frank
Animation Director: Marion Strunck
VFX Producer: Solomon Tiigah
Senior VFX Producer: Saskia Delius
2D Lead Artist: Daniel Miller & Guy Lubin
3D Lead Artist: Fabian Frank
2D Artist: Marko Perendija, Pedro Santos
FX: Arnau Gilabert, Emre Sumer & Luke Dadley
Assets: Fiona Taylor, Jean Grandgirard
Lookdev & Lighting: Alessandro Granella, Paul Carouge, Vittorio Barabani, Damien Figueiredo, Guilhem Gowda, Jack Enever
Rigging: Maximilian Mallmann