How Buttermilk Fudge Company owner Tracy McGoad became a part of NatWest’s ‘Extraordinary’ campaign for small businesses

The Mill joined forces with NatWest, ITV and Pablo to bring to life a campaign that celebrates and champions small businesses by boosting them with a mix of business support and media collaboration. The first spot of the campaign highlighted family-run confectionery shop, the 'Buttermilk Fudge Company' based in Cornwall. We caught up with owner Tracy McGoad to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on business, how she became a part of the NatWest initiative and what the experience of creating a TV advert was like.
Thought November 2, 2020

How did you hear about the initiative?

Our NatWest relationship manager called me one Friday morning to say that we made it down to the last three choices for a possible advert for NatWest. I didn’t think it would ever happen… and less than two weeks later I was standing in an apron in front of a camera!


What was the experience of creating this advert like for you?

It was amazing to be in a totally different world for the day. I loved it! The level of detail was mind-blowing. The scale of what is involved is really interesting. I loved every minute.


How has the impact of Covid-19 affected your business and the way you promote it and how have you adapted to this?

Like everyone, this has posed challenges in every aspect of life. In the beginning, it was working out how we could survive it as a business. We watched most of our sales channels close their doors. Fortunately, we had worked really hard on an area of innovation that is growing and with NatWest’s support had invested in creating plant-based and dairy-free treats in compostable packaging. We have been winning business as this is such an important environmental change that people are increasingly looking to make. We also tried as hard as we could to pivot to online and hamper sales have been busy, but I’ll be glad to look back on this period.


What do you think of the TV Commercial? 

It is phenomenal. The level of expertise is so impressive. The whole team had their expert part to play and the eye for detail was fascinating. Seeing the difference lighting made on the contrast between the tongs and the fudge. Nothing was missed. Everyone was so patient with me being a massive rookie. Lots of people have told me how much longing for Cornwall they had after seeing the beautiful drone footage.


Click here to find out more about NatWest’s ‘Extraordinary’ initiative or check out the many treats The Buttermilk Fudge Company has to offer via their website.