How can The Mill help brands push the boundaries of Next Level creativity within a post-pandemic era?

Work July 29, 2021

What have we learnt from the pandemic?

The coronavirus continues to provide us with big lessons on the importance of agility, ingenuity and responsiveness.

During the pandemic, consumer’s attitudes and expectations changed dramatically, and brands were forced to consider new ways to service customers and provide utility.  There is a need for brands to rise to the occasion swiftly and look to provide new ways to make our lives easier and more meaningful.

With so much off the table from a social, entertainment and engagement perspective, third spaces have provided a decentralized environment to create great experiences and build personal connections. Helping to deliver on the need for human connectivity. Consider the success of ‘Among Us‘, a Twitch and mobile sensation that was one of the most successful games in 2020 – due to the simple fact that it brought friends together and facilitated great social experiences during a time of isolation.

Similarly, ‘Sanctum’– a VR experience we created with HBO to ignite the fandom for Lovecraft Country– was a third space designed for a remarkable social experience. An additional triumph of this project was that it emphasized the importance and power of inclusivity, making it an inherent component of participation.

Allowing Brands to get closer to their audience through immersive experiences

It’s clear the experience economy is at a tipping point. With 5G, emerging real-time technologies and the ever-increasing functionality of devices, immersive experiences have the opportunity to truly “level up”. However, brands looking to truly connect with audiences, need to master both the art and science of meaningful and effective storytelling through these new technologies if they want to create world-class experiences.

At The Mill, we’re working with brands to imagine, design and build immersive experiences which allow brands to get closer to their audience and resonate in pop culture. Whether that’s entirely virtual, augmented or physical location-based experiences. It’s our expertise in visual storytelling, combined with our knowledge of creative technologies that enable our partnerships with ambitious, forward-thinking brands to flourish, pushing creativity to the Next Level.


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