How Mill Director Oliver Davies crafted Dashlane’s latest spot ‘Random on Purpose’

Work September 24, 2020

Mill Director Oliver Davies and our VFX team joined forces with creative agency Lightning Orchard to produce a hilarious new spot for Dashlane. The modern-day fable sees the rabbit sense danger and leap away before it can be chased by the rabid fox. Rather than relying on speed, the bunny explodes into dozens of flying rabbits and the randomness continues throughout.

On creating the project Mill Director Oliver Davies states: “It was such a blast to work alongside the team at Lightning Orchard in New York to craft the story of a random rabbit for password manager Dashlane. The biggest challenge with this metaphorical tale of totally unguessable behaviour was to source exactly the right stock footage to set up a believable nature doc vibe, and then seamlessly blend it with photoreal CGI and layers of design elements for when things start to get random. 

Completed in just 4 weeks at the height of lockdown and across at least 6 time zones, it was a real team effort between agency, client, multiple departments at The Mill and editor Ben Campbell at Cut & Run to find the best way of telling this unpredictable story. Luckily for random rabbit (and me) everyone involved was 100% committed to the task and possessed much talent and good humour and so it was a pleasure from start to finish.”


You can check out more of Oliver Davies’ work via his Creator profile and contact our VFX team here.