How we worked with singer Beatie Wolfe to create an environmental installation featured at the Nobel Prize Summit

Work July 21, 2021

Pioneering artist and singer Beatie Wolfe came to us with a simple, but powerful brief. To create a stirring, environmental piece that visualizes humanity’s carbon impact on Earth. This was showcased at the Nobel Prize Summit in April.

Built using 800,000 years of NASA data,  we worked with Beatie to take people on a journey through Earth’s timeline and visualise C02 levels. The data was used to create a unique, interwoven, threaded timeline of the planet transforming over time from green to red colouration – a powerful visualization and metaphor for the evolving C02 levels, with red signifying the alarming pace of change as we enter the industrial revolution.

“This piece is about representing data in a way people can absorb and relate to via the power of art”
Beatie Wolfe, Artist and Signer

Recently, visitors to the London Design Biennale Exhibition at Somerset House were able to engage with a specially constructed interactive version of the installation.

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