How Trojan Horse Unicorn Careers Camp is creating employment opportunities for creatives worldwide

We have signed up to be a partner for THU's (Trojan Horse Unicorn) Career Camp. The camp will run from the 11th-13th November and aims to connect creatives looking for employment and opportunities with companies around the globe. The event boasts recruitment training, mentorship schemes, career development sessions and networking. We caught up with THU Communications Manager, Rute Pires to discuss the origins of Career Camp, the impact of Covid-19 on the job market and the benefits of hosting an online event.
News November 11, 2020

How did THU’s Career Camp start?

The THU Career Camp by Lenovo was created to give our community access to opportunities and all the magic that comes with the incredible THU network. Even though there wasn’t a THU event this year, we had to do something. So, when the Tribe started reaching out about their personal and professional struggles, we joined forces with Lenovo, our global partner, to create the Career Camp because we believe in our Tribe members and want to help them pave their way to a better future. What we want to provide is a human approach to digital networking.


With Covid- 19 hitting and causing job losses in every sector how important is it to empower creatives and connect them with mentorship schemes and companies?

We believe it’s very important. Previous to the Career Camp, we also had the Sony Talent League and one of the prizes was a mentorship from industry legends. Creators need guidance and right now they can’t access companies and mentors the same way they did before – namely events, and conferences. The community needs a new way to access these types of networks and find opportunities.

We are really proud of the 46 companies that joined us to help us take our mission further, and build a united industry that faces uncertainties together. They are the ones who will give creators access to opportunities, inspiration, and knowledge – so they have a key role in building a stronger industry.

THU Career Camp

What sort of sessions can we expect at Career Camp?

From the 46 companies involved, there was a total of 314 job offers and 66 mentorships. Additionally, we offer a schedule of Career Development sessions open to everyone. Paul Briggs – Head of Story of Walt Disney Animation; Jana Day – Executive Director of Recruiting, Tiffany Herrington – Senior Recruiter, for Sony Pictures Animation and Alexei Ryan – Senior Recruiter from Rovio are just some of the amazing professionals that will share their knowledge about Storytelling, Recruitment, and Creative Production.


How did Lenovo and your other official sponsors get involved?

Lenovo has been our global partner for five years and they genuinely want to help the Tribe and empower their talent.

The Career Camp is also proudly supported by Sony, Unreal, Artstation, and Nvidia, they are all partners that trust us, believe in the Tribe and have been helping us take our mission of helping the community further.


What are the benefits of hosting an online event?

An online event allows us to have no geographical barriers, which was also an opportunity to partner with key organisations to empower the creative industry in Africa and invite the most talented and passionate people from African countries to join the Career Camp to evolve their careers.

THU New Voices Africa is a THU diversity & inclusion program. We’re focused on empowering the Tribe, and our goal is to increase diversity among our international community of creatives. Our goal is to promote diversity & inclusion within the industry and bring the voices currently missing or being underrepresented to our Tribe and the digital entertainment & interactive industry.


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