How we crafted Real-time AR fashion for K-pop star BiBi in Samsung’s latest campaign

Work November 24, 2021

We were tasked with bringing the creations of six prominent digital fashion designers to life for rising K-pop star BiBi’s latest music video. The promo was filmed entirely on a phone and showcases the new Samsung mobile feature “Fun Mode”, which allows users to play with augmented reality in the default camera app.

Our team of artists and developers worked with the six designers and the creative team at Wieden + Kennedy to interpret the designs as real-time augmented reality outfits. This was done using Snap’s new body-tracking technology. The team strived to adapt the designs in a way that pushed reality while staying within the hard technical constraints of the platform and hardware.

Aliina Kauranne Original Design

Ines Alpha Original Design

“AR digital fashion on a phone has not been possible ‘til now and this project presented the unique opportunity to realise the visions of the designers, and marry them with a high profile campaign. With so many moving parts the end result was only possible because of the committed collaboration of all involved.”
Kevin Young, Creative Director

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