How we create EVERYONE! … well nearly everyone in the crowd for this latest piece for Nike Women’s World Cup.

Work July 12, 2023

W+K teamed up with Directors ALASKA; Oscar-winning DOP Greg Fraser; and the first-ever Women’s Ballon D’Or winner, Norway’s Ada Hegerberg, leading the charge.

The handheld documentary-style energy of the film meant that we were closer than ever to EVERYONE. This didn’t just mean the 80 onset extras; but EVERYONE! meaning our digital crowds would be closer to the lens than ever before!

Unlike digital humans, crowd systems need to be able to manage tens of thousands of AI crowd to create an epic football arena. Our latest state-of-the-art system has more human detailing variants including facial hair, hairstyles for different genders, body shapes, and unlimited clothing combinations along with some bespoke Viking hats for the Norwegian Vikings!

One thing which surprised us though was how much better the crowds also looked in the wider shots. They just seemed to have way more clarity and definition which allowed us to stay true to the lensing and depth of field on all shots which is why this spot looks like a clear winner for Nike!

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Production: Iconoclast
DOP: Greig Fraser
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
On Set VFX Supervisor: Jim Radford
VFX Studio
The Mill:
EP: Arjan Eekels
Producer: Elle Lockhart
Production Manager: Vikram Salvi
Production Assistants: Sophie McDonald, Roosmarijn Bouma
VFX Supervisor: Ben Turner
2D Lead: Declan Andrews
3D Lead: Luke Webster
DFX Sup: Amit Patil
FX Supervisor: Biswajit Tarafder