Hypebeast | HBO Creates an AR App for ‘Game of Thrones” Prequel ‘House of the Dragon’

Bringing Westeros’ mighty beasts into our world.
Press July 27, 2022

In celebration of the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel House of the DragonHBO Max has now tapped into the resources of its parent company Warner Bros. Discovery to create a mobile augmented reality experience to bring the mighty beasts of Westeros into our world. Named House of the Dragon: DracARys, the new AR app overlays House Targaryen’s many dragons onto your surrounding environment through your smartphone’s camera much like Niantic‘s Pokémon GO or Ludia’s Jurassic World Alive.

Similar to those titles, you’ll also be able to obtain dragon eggs and hatch them into your own pets, each of which will have its own colors, looks and personalities. WarnerMedia even implemented voice recognition so you can command your dragons with Valyrian words you learn through the app, bringing a level of immersion fans could only have wished for during Game of Thrones.

“When the dragons of Westeros appear on the show it’s always a breath-taking, awe-inspiring moment,” said the game’s lead creative Kevin Young. “With DracARys we wanted users to experience those moments of awe and wonder in the context of their everyday lives. Our ambitions are to complement the world of Westeros and the mythology of the show in an enriching way, while pushing the boundaries of what is possible with virtual characters existing in mixed realities.”

For fans of George R. R. Martin, DracARys is now available on both Android and iOS devices.


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