If you can’t change the rules, change the game.

News March 20, 2020

In these unprecedented times, live-action production is pretty much impossible. But that doesn’t mean the work has to stop. Like us, I’m sure you and your teams have been considering alternate ways to deliver on your briefs previously involving live-action.

We’ve collected some of our favorite live action-less projects that we hope might serve as an inspirational and useful resource in the coming months. You’ll find a variety of approaches and styles incorporating design, archival footage, CGI, animation, and creative technology below.

These are all projects that can be executed ‘in house’ and are certainly adaptable to new briefs. We’re more than happy to discuss creative ideas, methodologies, or timings for any of them, so please feel free to reach out and contact us.

The show must go on!

Stock Footage + Magic

Coventry Building Society | Birds

Check out more examples at: Making magic with Stock Footage


Design + Animation


Check out more examples at: Limitless boundaries with Design & Animation

Creative Technology

Check out our Case Study: Expanding perception & human interaction through Social AR

And find even more examples at: Creative Technology & Digital Experiences