Jan, Feb, Mar | Our VFX Highlights

Looking back at the year so far, The Mill's studios have worked on a whole host of exciting VFX projects, from making a man swim uphill on snow-capped mountains for Coors to creating a number of galaxy-famous visitors for Walmart's Super Bowl spot. Though many of these projects contain live action elements, they demonstrate what we can do both with and without live action footage, and the many options we can explore - from mixing stock footage with animation, to creating projects entirely in CGI. With the difficulties the industry is currently facing in terms of the ability to shoot live action, we've pulled our favourite VFX highlights together as inspiration of alternative solutions to deliver on briefs.
Work March 30, 2020

Three | ‘5G Future’

We’re proud to share this mind-bending project for Three. Working closely with Director Ian Pons Jewell and Wieden + Kennedy, our VFX team worked to transport viewers through a wormhole into a futuristic universe equipped with flying postboxes, hologram dating apps, emoji pop and AI footballers. Each vignette tells its own story and required bespoke VFX techniques, from complex camera stitching, to full head replacements, environment creation and character animation.


Sky F1 | Formula 1 2020

We joined forces with Sky Creative to bring to life these high octane titles for Sky F1’s 2020 Coverage.

By integrating Epic Games Unreal Engine into The Mill’s pipeline, our team were able to deliver final pixels featuring high quality assets combined with live action plates. Mill Creative Director Russel Tickner explains ‘By working in Unreal, we were able to lead multiple attended 3D Previz sessions with Sky in which we had the freedom to make real time iterations. Ultimately, this gave us the freedom to develop the narrative and grow the scope and ambition of the our contribution’

Super Bowl 2020 | SodaStream | Water on Mars

Released at Super Bowl LIV: This is a fictional story for now. By 2025, SodaStream will eliminate 67 Billion single-use bottles on this planet, so we won’t have to go looking for a new one.

Direct Line | Trio of Ads

We worked closely with Director Bryan Buckley out of Hungry Man and Saatchi & Saatchi to create this new trio of spots for Direct Line. The Mill’s VFX team expertly crafted the star-studded CG character cast of Donatello the Ninja Turtle, Bumblebee and Robocop.

Direct Line | Bumblebee

Direct Line | Robocop

Direct Line | Donatello

Super Bowl 2020 | Walmart | Famous Visitors

Released at Super Bowl LIV:  Galaxy-famous visitors came for the Super Bowl LIV. And they stopped by Walmart first, for groceries and beyond. Walmart Pickup. It’s out-of-this-world convenience.

Barnardo’s | Komodo

The Mill has continued its support of Barnardo’s UK by joining forces with Director Sam Brown out of Rogue Films and FBC Inferno for the second part of their ‘Believe In Me’ campaign. The spot features a fully CG Komodo Dragon, tackling the challenging subject of child sexual abuse.

PlayStation | Feel The Power Of PlayStation

Check out our latest work with PlayStation.

Coors Light | Fresh Climb

We worked closely with Director Sam Pilling out of Pulse Films and Havas London to expertly enhance this wild new spot for Coors. Due to challenging weather on the shoot, the team had to replace entire environments including the forest, which was crafted in full CG and leaving only the swimmer as the only live action element.

American Family Insurance | Fun Ride

Our recent VFX work with Peter Thwaites, Corner Shop and BBDO for American Family Insurance .