Johannes Leonardo and The Mill spin ‘The Wheel’ for Volkswagen’s mesmerising new spot

Work January 14, 2021

We have joined forces with Johannes Leonardo and Imperial Woodpecker Director Sam Brown to create a film of epic proportions, which outlines the history of the wheel for Volkswagen’s new electronic SUV model. 

In contrast to a more traditional approach, the VFX on the spot was worked on before shooting commenced. Creative Director Wes explains: “Sam Brown’s treatment required us to design a spherical zoetrope to be 3D printed and filmed on set. This is the seventh zoetrope, which represents a world ruled by gas-guzzling automobiles. One of the challenges was working out how many sections we could fit into this zoetrope, so that when it is spinning, the cars animate at the right speed and with the right distance between them.”  

Fellow Creative Director Jorge Montiel was charged with bringing this concept to life and creating a zoetrope, built and rendered in 3D, that animated in an engaging way. When Sam was happy with how it animated at running speed it was handed over to the art department in Prague, who had the tricky task of constructing a model that would endure being spun at high speed.


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