Join us for part 1 of ‘Our Legacy Is Our Future’

Technicolor Creative Studios | Our Legacy Is Our Future | Part 1 | Watch Now
News October 10, 2022

On Thursday 6th October, Technicolor Creative Studios released the first installment of the Our Legacy is Our Future Series on YouTube.

With over 107 years of iconic work to choose from, interviewees in Part 1 | Technicolor Creative Studios cover everything from our award-winning campaigns to hit films such as Disney’s Pinocchio, 2022.

In this edit, you’ll hear from Friends of Technicolor like Deborah Stoiber, Collection Manager of Moving Image at The George Eastman Museum in New York, who discusses the Technicolor negatives currently in the vaults at the museum, as well as the people behind the projects we’re currently working on.

As well as Deborah, the episode also features interviews from:

Christian Roberton, CEO of Technicolor
Tom Williams – President, Tom Williams
Andrea Miloro, President, Mikros Animation
Jeaneane Falkler, President, Technicolor Games
Biren Ghose, SVP Country Head, India
Leah Beevers, Global Head of Creative, MPC

Friends of Technicolor:
Bob Hoffman, Technicolor Historian, Friend of Technicolor
Janet Dulin Jones, Writer-Producer, Host of the podcast Cinema Sounds & Secrets, Friend of Technicolor

A new episode will be released weekly on YouTube, each focusing on a different Technicolor studio and industry sector. You can expect to hear from Studio Presidents, Executive Producers, VFX Artists, Creative Directors, VFX Supervisors and other industry leaders, as we rediscover iconic moments in our history. Meet the visionary talent behind award-winning projects, from The Jungle Book to FIFA to SpongeBob Square Pants and advertising campaigns for HBO, Nike and Audi.

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