LBB | 5 Minutes with VP & Seoul Head of Studio Tony Choi

The Mill Seoul’s VP Head of Studio talks to LBB’s Esther Faith Lew about web 3.0, K-culture and big tech.
Press January 12, 2023

In 1993, Tony Choi found himself helping out on a feature film shoot, and that was all it took to set him on his new career track in the production industry. It was a defining moment that has kept him going passionately for the past 30 years.

“Working on a film set was interesting enough for me to want to pursue it as a career, and what motivates me the most is meeting with different people and taking on challenges together. It’s this unique world of problem solving that drives me to keep going,” says Tony.

Tony’s experience in production sees him tapping into western and eastern cultures across Australia, America and South Korea. As VP Head of Studio at The Mill, Tony focuses on expanding its global offering of world-class VFX, creative production and experience in the South Korean market.

“My goal is to build The Mill Seoul into one of the biggest amongst our global studios. And to be able to work on a feature film and have my name listed on the credits,” he says.

His motto in life is to: “Work hard and play even harder; accept challenges and try to enjoy them as you solve them.”

What’s your perspective on blending western and eastern cultures together? How has that translated into the work being done?

It’s quite challenging since some words don’t have direct translations, not to mention to unique cultural differences in etiquette. So, understanding objectives of either side and being a middleman in negotiating for people is the hardest part. Knowing everyone’s needs and applying my own interpretation and making sure communication is clear is very important.

As head of studio, what is on your priority agenda? What are you looking at in terms of goals, issues to address, challenges to tackle, etc?

Since we’re a brand-new studio, finding the right people is key. Whether it’s global talent or someone local, making sure they harmonise with our staff and culture is important. Sure, finding the right building for our office is important too, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the team.

How is the studio set up to effectively service client needs? Do elaborate on your hardware, software and ‘heartware’.

Working with us means you’ve got access to a global studio and all its resources and artists. So, if we lack anything or are over capacity, we can always tap into other studios to collaborate with. When a project is awarded to us, we form bespoke teams using the global network to come up with the best group of people to achieve the best output.

What is The Mill’s USP in Seoul? How does The Mill bring an edge to the industry in Seoul over its competitors?

We may be new, but the name of our studio, ‘The Mill’, comes with a top-tier global reputation, so clients who want to work with us already have confidence that they’re working with the best.

And while others may be limited in their services in VFX, 3D, creative production, design, etc, we offer full-service end-to-end production. It’s one of the advantages of building such a diverse team within the studio.

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