LBB | The Mill’s Anna Fogg on How The Metaverse Has Given us a New Creative Layer to Explore

Anna Fogg, The Mill’s Global Strategy Director caught up with LBB to discuss virtual production with a look at how - and why - brands can craft a strategy for The Metaverse
News March 22, 2022

As Virtual Production continues to evolve, it does so alongside the industry-wide conversation regarding The Metaverse. Given the potential for crafting immersive and intricate digital worlds, what does this mean for how brands should approach their Metaverse strategies? And why is it essential to have a strategy for the Metaverse in the first place?

LBB: What kinds of things can brands do within the Metaverse which are impossible- or more difficult – than with other forms of marketing? Have there been any stellar examples which have stood out to you?

Anna: First, brands can bring masses of people together from totally different geographies. They can create a brand world or experience that every single person on the planet can explore at the same time. This is definitely different. The power of a single global moment is huge. I would add that it’s not 100% the marketing that’s changed, but the marketing landscape. Events, promotions, launches – these have always been part of a brand’s marketing mix. It’s just now that the scale and creativity of such things are completely unbound. A layer of imagination has been added that has generated a new creative layer to explore.

In terms of an example, I have to mention our work alongside Riot Games Music for the Pentakill gig. Forty-five minutes of motion-captured musical mayhem featuring Riot Games’ seven-strong virtual metal band, Pentakill, playing their new concept album in real-time, captured by 40+ virtual cameras and created by over 70 world-class digital artists and creative technologists. It’s never been done before.

LBB: In order for a brand to be able to ‘enter The Metaverse’, do they need to create their own Metaverse from scratch?

Anna: No. Much like the advent of Social, we saw different platforms create the Social web. These enabled us to communicate and share peer to peer. These platforms then began to support different consumer behaviours and interactions. Brands within these platforms were able to experiment, communicate with, and engage audiences in a multitude of ways.

Likewise, there are a number of platforms that currently exist within The Metaverse: Decentraland, Fortnite, and Roblox (for instance). These enable brands to interact directly with their audience without the necessity of building an entirely new platform. They can build characters, events, moments, and activations that live within these platforms. The shift with The Metaverse is that brands can also create activations and interactions that live beyond these platforms, accessed via Web or AR or VR. Unique interactions that bring their audiences into a shared immersive experience.

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