LBB | Autobots Take Centre Stage in Direct Line’s Newest Campaign

The Mill collaborated with agency Saatchi & Saatchi and production company Riff Raff to provide breathtaking cinematic VFX and compositing to Direct Line’s newest spot ‘Prime’, part of the ‘We’re On It’ campaign.
Work April 29, 2022

The latest spot features a full CG Transformers cult classic, Optimus Prime, who is seen handing off the responsibility of rescuing a stranded driver and taking some well needed time off. Optimus Prime is reluctant to stand down from his duties, but once he realises Direct Line has it covered better than he ever could, he takes some time off to enjoy beach volleyball, sightseeing, and a spa treatment. 

“The shoot took place over six days in Cape Town, South Africa. One of the issues we faced was the sheer size of Optimus Prime; using Mill Scout and a stand-in truck, we could perfectly line up the frames and get an idea of his position and scale on location. We ultimately had to rig him in the Mill pipeline to allow for the highly detailed and complex transformations from Autobot to his Truck shape.”
Fabian Frank, Head of CG

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