LBB | Emma Watson steps into the world of Prada Paradoxe for dynamic fragrance film

Emma directs the campaign from McCann Paris celebrating the multi-dimensionality and continuous evolution of every woman
Press September 22, 2022

Prada announces the worldwide launch of Prada Paradoxe, the new women’s fragrance that celebrates the multi-dimensionality of a woman impossible to frame. The campaign features Emma Watson, who plays both the starring role in the film short and makes her directorial debut in realising the film.

The campaign celebrates the myriad unique elements of every woman that come together to create an authentic, ever-evolving whole: a woman that is never the same, yet always herself.

Starring award-winning actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson as the conductor of her own symphony of dimensions – the performer, the activist, the actor, the woman – in a dynamic, revelatory short capturing the empowered spirit of Prada Paradoxe.

The Prada Paradoxe film campaign launched worldwide across television, digital channels and outdoor media from August 22nd.

“I think it was serendipitous that Prada came to me with this project. It was around the time when I had really made a decision in my heart and my head that I wanted to direct – and I found the concept of being a woman who is a paradox so compelling. I hope that the values behind Prada Paradoxe give women a little more space to celebrate themselves, to know that it’s ok to be complex and to explore the different facets of themselves that make them the fullest expression of who they are.”
Emma Watson, actor and director
“Our mission with this campaign was to connect with a generation that no longer relates to the concept of boxes - being constrained by boxes, or even being defined by one thing. Today, it's normal to have a plurality in the way that we define ourselves. It's the age of exploring paradoxical attributes of our personalities, all while remaining unique and singular. That is the story Prada Paradoxe tells - someone who constantly reinvents themselves, while staying faithful to their core values.
Julien Calot, McCann Chief Creative Officer


Post production
The Mill Paris:
VFX supervisor: Flore Mounier
Cg Supervisor: Mathias Barday
VFX shoot supervisor: Flore Mounier, Damien Canameras
Executive producer: Claire Garraud
VFX Producers: Marie-Cécile Juglair, Laura Roddier, Bastien Adam
VFX Coordinators: Mathilde Cohen-Selmon, Ewan Rosenstrauch, Ghalia Chammat
Editor: Adriana Legay
Assistant Editor: Chloé Charrier
Editor Social Content: Marie Poiraud, Mathilde Génin, Chloé Charrier
Grade: Alice Syrakvash
Grade Assistant: Loic Lavaux
Flame Artist: Flore Mounier, Damien Peiro, Aurélien Teurlai
Cg lighting, comp: Mathias Barday, Marouan El Bekri, Victoria Leger
Compositing: Mathias Barday, Richard Maillot, Sébastien Podsialo, Adrien Borzakian,
After: Yohann Leroy, Manon Baillet, Julien Pinot, Michaël Moercant, Hugo Guerrero
Team avid assitants: Pauline Royo, Naomie Dumas, Maité Tamain, Felix Flechet, Antoine Zimmer
Production: Division
Executive producer: Jules de Chateleux
Emma Watson: