LBB | Spotify Experience’s Global All Ears On You Campaign

The campaign was directed by Amber Grace Johnson of Object & Animal and created in partnership with FCB New York
Press September 29, 2021

Digital audio advertising has hit the mainstage with digital audio content consumption on the rise and showing no signs of slowing down. What’s more, according to Spotify’s new study Sonic Science conducted in partnership with Neuro-Insight, it found that it’s more immersive and engaging than social media, digital video, TV and radio.

In an incredibly cluttered media environment, what advertiser wouldn’t want to be part of that experience?

Spotify Advertising is exciting advertisers, publishers and creators about the opportunity to reach the most engaged audience in its first global B2B brand campaign, All Ears On You. It’s showing advertisers what it truly means to reach a fully immersed audience by imagining the Spotify experience as a moment where each listener is immersed in Spotify as they go about their day – protected from the noise and distractions of everyday life. The campaign was created in partnership with FCB New York.

The immersion is very very real ‘round these parts. In fact, we learned just how immersive Spotify is in a new study we conducted with Neuro-Insight called Sonic Science. FCB New York found that Spotify and digital audio are more immersive and engaging than digital video, social media, TV and radio.

With VFX and Colour by The Mill.

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