LBB | M.I.A.’s Latest Music Video Explores What it Means to be ‘Popular’ in Today’s Social Media Culture

Press September 14, 2022

British rapper M.I.A releases the music video for her latest single ‘Popular’, directed by Arnaud Bresson and produced by DIVISION, with editing by Modern Post lead creative editor/partner William Town. The music video provides a timely commentary on what it means to be ‘Popular’ in today’s social media culture. The video’s aesthetic references the rudimentary format of a casting tape, in which M.I.A. teaches her clone to mimic the moves and attitudes that will supposedly make her ‘Popular’. The viewer may interpret the video’s narrative as questioning the influence that social media has on individual expression and whether we are creating an army of clones that copy what they see online.

M.I.A.’s lyrics explore self-love and success, while she sings about “loving herself” and “enjoying her best life.” The music video illustrates how life in the spotlight calls for a shart dichotomy between personal and public perception.

William Town brings his unique talent for weaving stylised visuals in rhythmic pattern with captivating sound to the music video. With celebrated projects for top brands including Vogue, Dior, NIKE, Hugo Boss, Zara and Tommy Hilfiger, he has consistently crafted work that is at the forefront of fashion, music and image-making. From Calvin Klein’s CK ONE relaunch campaign in 2011 to Vogue’s ‘I Love New York’ Film in 2021, his campaigns are consistently recognised with award nominations and wins.

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Director: Arnaud Bresson
Executive producer: Laure Salgon
Post production
Executive producer: Fabrice Damolini, Claire Garraud
Production coordinators: Ghalia Chammat, Ewan Rosenstrauch
Post-producers: Benjamin Cathala, Stephanie Mollet, Marie Cécile Juglair
ECD & VFX supervisor: Franck Lambertz
Head of CG: Guillaume Parra & Guillaume Ho
Flame artists: Franck Lambertz, Valentin Gingembre, Jao M’changama & Aurélien Teurlai
A.I. animation: French Faker
Animation: Alban Lelièvre, Alexandre Sauthier
Nuke artists: Maxence Peillon, Tytouan Botte
Motion designers Olivier Jarry, Agathe Sayegh:
SFX video shoot: Shaun Severi
Colourist: Arthur Paux