LBB | Taika Waititi, Wieden+Kennedy London and The Mill tell a tale of fatherly devotion for Coca-Cola’s 2020 Christmas Ad

Press November 18, 2020

Coca-Cola has announced the launch of a new campaign and festive TV ad, which brings to life the thought: ‘This Christmas, give something only you can give’, – encouraging people to be truly present with one another.

Launching in December in Great Britain, the advert, directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Taika Waititi, and created by Wieden+Kennedy London, unwraps the magic of Christmas, in a hope-filled tale about a father’s unremitting love for his daughter and his journey to make her Christmas wish come true.

The film begins with the father preparing to leave home to go to work. As he is about to leave, his daughter hands him a carefully written letter to Santa, asking him to post it on his way. Busy at work, we see his realisation that he has forgotten to post the letter, and so his mission to ensure it is safely delivered to Santa ahead of Christmas begins. He sails across seas, scales sheer cliffs and wades through dense jungles before reaching the North Pole – but will he successfully deliver it into the hands of Santa Claus in time to make his daughter’s Christmas wish a reality?

With VFX and Colour at The Mill. Check out the full article on LBB.