Logitech G celebrates our different levels in new anthem film directed by Nic Yiallouris

Logitech proves there are more than levels in games, there’s levels to all of us
Work September 1, 2022

Collaborating with Logitech G, our Creative Production and VFX teams executed an electrifying and vibrant anthem film for their brand new campaign, ‘Levels to Play’. Directed by The Mill’s Nic Yiallouris, the film celebrates all the different layers that make us up as humans, and the way we express ourselves through gaming. Logitech’s anthem film coincides with the launch of their new creative platform for G Series’ core line of products.

Honing in on the overarching theme – ‘levels to all of us’ – the epic film features prominent, multi-faceted gaming talent who have taken their passions to limitless and undefinable levels. Ali ‘MYTH’ Kabbani, gamer and streamer, who has become one of the most beloved online personalities, stars in the spot along with Hikaru Nakamura; the youngest American to become chess Grandmaster. Streamers and gamers Marcos ‘CaraDeChiste’ and Camolita XP make exciting appearances as well.

“From the get-go I was attracted to the idea that gaming is for everyone, no matter your gender, background, class, ideology, or age. With this campaign, we wanted to flip-the-script on the consensus that gamers are predominantly dudes, sitting in dark basements, hammering keyboards. The creative team at Logitech approached us with a poetic script that leapt off the page, and so from there we set out to develop the idea into a fully fleshed out 360 campaign that featured some of the biggest personalities in the gaming world. I find that the best work is created in partnership with our clients, and the proof is in the film. Being able to jump in at ground level allowed us to elevate the concept beyond what is normally feasible. This is an ode to the beautifully diverse and colorful gaming community. 'More than levels in games, there's levels to all of us. And where we go next, is up to us. So let's go.' - this sums it up for me.”
-Nic Yiallouris, Director

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