Looking back on Dungeons & Dragons: ‘Dark Alliance’ Cinematic Trailer with Bangalore Compositing Supervisor Renjith I R

Work December 17, 2021

Earlier this year, Dungeons & Dragons released the cinematic trailer for their highly anticipated game titled ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance’. The game, which is a third-person action role-playing game published by Wizards of the Coast in partnership with Tuque Games, allows players to team up to bring down frost giants and vengeful dragons.

From Direction, VFX, Production, Editorial, and Colour, we were heavily involved in the execution of the thrilling trailer.

Speaking on his experience as a Lead on the project,  Renjith I R shared that: “It was a great project in which we got a chance to show our talent both aesthetically and technically, despite of a tight turnaround. Continuous review calls and dailies with the LA team (especially with 2D Lead Becky Porter) helped us understand the look and treatment that Mill director Robert Sethi envisioned for the spot. We made sure that we exceeded the clients’ expectations. And of course, our team enjoyed working on the trailer and we were all thrilled with the final outcome.”

Renjith I R

Compositing Supervisor, Bangalore

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