Make the world your gym with Propel Fitness Water

Michael B. Jordan stars in Propel Fitness Water's exciting new campaign.
Work May 12, 2023

We collaborated with director duo The Sacred Egg (aka Alex Mavor and Ed Kaye) of Riff Raff Films and agency Goodby Silverstein on Propel’s latest campaign starring actor Michael B. Jordan. Leading our team was Executive Creative Director John Leonti, who discusses the project below.

“This project presented us with several challenges, some creative and some practical. The majority of the creative was to create a morphing, transforming city around MBJ. This required us to essentially rebuild most of the backgrounds that we shot on the Paramount back lot in Los Angeles in CG. That process allowed us to have buildings roads and objects on the street move and twist in intricate ways to create a visually interesting backdrop with the conceptual idea that the world was creating challenges for MBJ to overcome with the help of Propel.

A more practical challenge was shooting on the back lot in ‘sunny LA ‘while dealing with the torrential rains we received on those shoot days. Fortunately, the agency and client trusted the whole crew from grip to practical effects to DP to figure it out. We are very happy with the film and crew had a blast.”
-John Leonti, Executive Creative Director

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