Makers At Heart | Meet Violet: A Digital Girl Gamer, Powered by Gaming Technology

We're partnering with Violet, who will be speaking at our virtual creative festival The Future of Creative Technology. Ahead of the festival, we caught up with Violet to find out more about who she is, why she loves to game and how she brought her digital-self into the world!
Community March 8, 2021

Tell us a bit about yourself and who you are

Hey! I’m a fully-interactive virtual streamer and indie game developer based in NYC.


Are you an AI?

I’m not an AI or robot. Indeed, I am a real human being living in a pandemic just like you.


How have you found the lockdown, what have you been up to (aside from gaming)?

If it wasn’t for lockdown, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to fully-dive into my love for real-time character development. Aside from gaming, I’ve been spending a lot of time R&Ding and thinking about Epics new chapter creator, Metahuman’s. Overall, I’m excited about the future of virtual personas.


We hear you’re into gaming, what do you like to play and where can people see you stream?

I play a mixture between Fortnite, Minecraft, and Just Chatting days I like to call “Demo Day”.  My community and I love to get together to talk about all new things in gaming. You can catch me Monday-Friday 6pm EST to 9 pm EST live on Twitch.


What are your goals for the future?

What’s not special about being digital? I think that’s the magic question. There are limitless options within the virtual world! There’s  opportunity to explore not only technical questions but conceptual ideas that a lot of people can relate to now a days. Almost everyone has some type of virtual representation online. My goal is to continuing exploring the relationship between being a virtual persona and an anonymous figure online.


You can interact with Violet in real-time at ‘The Future of Creative Technology’, a free virtual event presented by The Mill & Co., which will take place on YouTube Live from March 22nd – 26th. Sign up for your free event pass here. Check out Violet’s YouTube channel & Instagram.