Makers At Heart | Reflecting with Mid Line Producer Agrata Idnani on what her role entails & the projects that have defined her career

As the holidays commence and we reach the end of 2021, we reflect on our Makers at Heart series where we meet the people behind the projects.
Community December 13, 2021

Tell us about your role at The Mill? 

My official title is Mid Line Producer and essentially I help bring an idea to life while staying in budget, delivering it on time and working with the best possible creative people around.

If you had to choose a project that defines your career, what would it be and why? 

I’ve worked on a variety of projects throughout my career and I have certainly learned something from each one. A great example is Aviva’s ‘It Takes Aviva‘ – I think to manage any project, you need to have a vision of the project as a whole and understand its priorities. I learned to remain calm while managing creative desire and financial reality. It sure was a great learning project to start my career at The Mill. Having said that, it’s always easier to see what the learnings are after a project has been completed, and you know what you’d do differently the next time.

Are you working on any passion projects at the moment?

My passion always lies in working with something real, something to connect with and with a strong visual language. Being a therapeutic art practitioner, I love creating and curating meditative art. This creative process helps me feel more at ease and allows me to be more creative at work as well. Here at The Mill we are creating films that live on forever. There’s an art to taking in everyone’s input and collectively making the final product as best as it can possibly be. We’re storytellers. Whether it’s a brand campaign or a narrative film, we always try to dig deep and extract personal meaning. If we don’t really care about what we’re doing, then why are we doing it? Often, the client has something inside their head (perhaps a tone, an image, or a feeling) and it’s our job to get that out of them and bring it to life on screen. They know their brand best, we are here to translate it into moving images.

What are you learning about or being inspired by right now? 

The diversity of creative ideas and smart, talented people that I have the fortune of working with is what inspires me always to see and learn.

What is your favourite Mill BTS and why?

I would have to say Hypebeast’s ‘Genesis X Concept 2-Door GT’. In the periods of imaginative brainstorming, art inspiration always helps. While doing so we focus on the creative outcomes that have dazzled and inspired us by leading ourselves towards some spectacular sources to get our dose of inspiration.Since I have always been a fan of the history of art, I really got fascinated by how the creative team, explored Korean art, design, and culture as the inspiration for the Two-line Motif in the final film. It captured the style wonderfully and made for a truly amazing commercial.

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