Makers At Heart | Producer Imogen Pai on the benefits of creative freedom and how Berlin has inspired her

Community February 19, 2021

We are Makers At Heart. We create the extraordinary.

As the creative engine room of the world’s biggest brands we are driven by one purpose: to solve our client’s toughest briefs beautifully. Our Makers believe in the power of cooperation and partnership to deliver ambitious ideas to that break new ground and deliver awe-inspiring creative work.

Everything we do as a team makes great ideas come to life. We are thinkers, designers, artists, directors, producers, developers, colourists, coders, technicians, editors, animators, writers, doers and makers.

In our Makers At Heart series, we introduce the people behind the projects to hear more about their inspirations, motivations and creative insights. We spoke to Producer Imogen Pai about the benefits of creative freedom and how Berlin inspires her.


Tell us about a project that defines your craft and why?

O2 ‘Breathe It All In’ is still one of my favourites. Being given the opportunity to create our own universe was already pretty exciting, but the creative freedom and trust that was given to us by the client, agency and director was a dream come true. I was in awe of the team’s enthusiasm and energy for this piece and the visuals were constantly changing and evolving. It’s really a testament to the creative, as it’s absolutely stunning and just being a part of this made me feel on top of the world…pun intended.

The BTS for Heathrow ‘It’s a Wonderful Flight’ is also another project that I really love, not only because they are ridiculously cute but also because it really illustrates what we do without appearing too technical. It makes our jobs more accessible to the general public so they can really get a grasp of the artistry behind what we do and hopefully encourages more people to think about a career in visual effects!


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Berlin! It’s been quite the adventure starting up a new arm of The Mill here, but every day I feel like there is something new. New people, new projects, new conversations and that is what I love being a part of.


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