Makers At Heart | The people behind the projects


We are Makers At Heart. We create the extraordinary.

As the creative engine room of the world’s biggest brands we are driven by one purpose: to solve our client’s toughest briefs beautifully. Our Makers believe in the power of cooperation and partnership to deliver ambitious ideas to that break new ground and deliver awe-inspiring creative work.

Everything we do as a team makes great ideas come to life. We are thinkers, designers, artists, directors, producers, developers, colourists, coders, technicians, editors, animators, writers, doers and makers.

In our Makers At Heart series, we introduce the people behind the projects to hear more about their inspirations, motivations and creative insights. Check them out below.

Makers At Heart | Facility Operations Manager Paisley Mares on supporting local organizations & why creativity should be used for good

Makers At Heart | Mill Directors Feral Child on how they have stayed creative during lockdowns & why they favour a “hand-crafted” animation style

Makers At Heart | Creative Intern Georgia Paes on her inspirations & why no idea is “too big”

Makers at Heart | Creative Director David Lawson on bringing games to life through CG & live action in EA’s Rocket Arena

Makers At Heart | Pitch Designer Rich Wheatley on directing his latest short film & IF THEY COME & the importance of having industry mentors

Makers At Heart | VFX Supervisor Dave Hempstead on creating unconventional automotive commercials & why new talent inspires him

Makers At Heart | Creative Intern Arabella Andrewartha on why different walks of life make for the best collaborations

Makers At Heart | 2D Lead Carl Norton on what makes sporting collaborations unique & how he is staying inspired

Makers At Heart | Design Lead Austin Marola on creating surreal motion design & crafting Pause Fest’s latest title sequence

Makers At Heart | Senior Line Producer Roshni Kakad on enjoying the creative process & the project that defines her career

Makers At Heart | VFX Artist Monique Espinoza on crafting Energizer’s dancing CG bunny & exploring different styles of art

Makers At Heart | Meet Violet: A Digital Girl Gamer, Powered by Gaming Technology

Makers At Heart | Creative Director, Brand Partnerships Nick Braccia on crafting unforgettable brand experiences

Makers At Heart | Production Assistant Libby Gandhi discusses the music promo that inspired her & how lockdown has inspired a new creative pursuit

Makers At Heart | CG Lead Artist Graeme Turnbull on his journey into the creative industry & how his personal work is inspired by architecture

Makers At Heart | Mill Directors Alfie Johnson & Jessica Bishopp on how they brought Pringles’ newest character ‘Frank’ to life during a Twitch livestream

Makers At Heart | Associate Compositor Jeeeun Lee on her debut film Trauma & how her daily routine ensures she has a constant source of inspiration

Makers At Heart | Producer Imogen Pai on the benefits of creative freedom and how Berlin has inspired her

Makers At Heart | Editor Al Benoit on what our earliest projects say about us & why you should always follow your instincts

Makers At Heart | Designer Dom Han on the Korean folk tales inspiring his latest AR filter & bringing his designs into the physical realm

Makers at Heart | Senior CG Artist Lauren Shields discusses the project that allowed her to take ownership & what makes her excited to get to work

Makers At Heart | VFX Supervisor Adam Lambert on the spot that opened up Super Bowl LIV & using creative problem solving to create CG elements like dust or water

Makers At Heart | Senior Artist Jyoti Tiwari on her love for CG & the latest Ralph Lauren BTS

Makers At Heart | How Mill Creative Director Tom Dibb helped bring VanMoof’s brand vision to life in ‘Ride The Future’

Makers At Heart | Producer, Ade Macalinao on creative freedom, facilitating magic and working with Virgil Abloh

Makers At Heart | 3D Artist Kate Gabriel on joining The Mill, creating a CG ‘Puggerfly’ and her biggest motivation

Makers At Heart | Head of Design Henry Foreman on crafting the latest VanMoof spot, treading a fine line between abstract & explicit and working alongside our Creative Strategy team

Makers at Heart | Senior Line Producer Rima Mondal on the rewards of creativity & the BTS film for Nike ‘Awaken The Phantom’

Makers At Heart | 3D Animator Paul Autric on his Oscar long-listed short-film ‘Wild Love’, blending horror and humour & how video games are pushing the boundaries of storytelling

Makers at Heart | Mill CEO Josh Mandel on what inspired him to join the business and why he believes creators should partner with The Mill

We hope you enjoy reading our Makers At Heart series. You can get in touch with our teams here.