Man’s best friend gets a technological upgrade in Accenture’s new film

Work May 23, 2022

Accenture is helping its clients reimagine the products they make and how they make them.

In the brand’s new film, a trio of charming characters are depicted: a wooden dog, a robotic arm, and a curious hummingbird. After seeing the hummingbird fluttering in the windows of the warehouse, the pup, with the help of its robotic friend, transforms into a high-tech flying pooch.

In collaboration with director Stefon Bristol at PrettyBird and agency Droga5, our VFX team, led by Executive Creative Director Alvin Cruz, were closely involved in the making of this imaginative story. Our visual effects specialists were apart of the execution of concept design, the shoot, modeling, texture, LIDAR, animation, FX, lighting, and compositing. In addition, Mill colourist, Ricky Gausis, added a colour grade to the endearing film.

“Working with director Stefon Bristol, his team at PrettyBird and the folks at Droga5 was a breeze. The team had a blast working on this spot,” shares Executive Creative Director, Alvin Cruz. “Communication was key in this project, in which Droga5 involved us from the very beginning. Setting up a very fun and constructive journey where a lot of creative input came from us. The teams built a friendship going through every stage – concept, shoot, animation, and overall look development. Giving life to characters is always very satisfactory but when it happens with such great partners, that give you their total trust, it’s a pleasure. Can’t wait for the next one!”

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