McCann NY: The Most Vicious Cycle Reaches Young Voters Through Pop Culture

Press October 1, 2018
Gun violence in the US seems like an endless loop of shooting to news report to mourning and outrage to inaction to shooting… There are 96 gun-related deaths every day in America. The Parkland students behind March for Our Lives know that the only way to stop the cycle is to vote for politicians who support common sense gun legislation. They also know that young people can make a difference in that vote. But only 28% of people under 29 plan to vote in the upcoming midterm election.
McCann New York is helping the March for Our Lives activists to point out what is hiding in plain sight.

The partners have teamed up with Kesha; her younger brother, Sage; and Mill+ director, Ben Smith to create a Rube Goldberg machine in a  music video, The Most Vicious Cycle, that dramatises the cycle of gun violence and reminds young people that voting is the only way to end it.

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