Meet Aleissia Laidacker | Global Director of Creative Technology

Community July 9, 2021

Aleissia Laidacker is a Creative Technology Director with over 20 years experience in the Immersive Technology space.

She is a leader in AR/XR, where she was Head of Developer Experience at Magic Leap. Working with numerous partners to find creative and technically innovative ways of pushing the boundaries of interactions and storytelling using Augmented Reality.

Aleissia is The Mill’s Global Director of Creative Technology, where she guides the Immersive Experience teams globally to dream and build impactful experiences using leading-edge technology to bring a new kind of wonder, interaction & depth to audiences.

Previous to working in the XR space, she worked in Game Development for over 10 years. Having led the Technology, Gameplay and AI Direction on some large game franchises such as Assassin’s Creed at Ubisoft

We asked Aleissia about what the rest of this year holds for the world of technology and what excites her most:

“I’m excited to see how much creative tech is being adopted across a number of different industries. From music, fashion, film and sports. To live events, conferences, festivals and gaming. We’re seeing mass adoption across media & entertainment, as new technologies are being used to create innovative experiences.

We get to use new platforms to make experiences more accessible to new audiences. We get to build for both the virtual world and the physical world. We get to build interactive experiences utilizing new forms of human-computer interaction. We get to craft beautiful stories that people haven’t gotten to experience before. And we get to work with the greatest technology partners across the globe! Helping to push this industry further and creating memorable experiences for years to come.

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