Meet Anna Fogg | Global Strategy Director

Community July 8, 2021

Anna Fogg has 15 years of experience in creative agencies working with brands to develop creative marketing strategies.

With a passion for new and emerging technology’s impact on human behavior, Anna’s role focuses on the intersection of culture, connection and community. Defining the way in which brands can access their audiences with leading edge experiences and content, Anna looks to understand the makeup of fan culture.

Anna began her career working across marketing and events, production and technology before exploring the world of strategy in advertising agencies (previously at VCCP, Naked Communications and Cheil Worldwide.)

Anna’s passion and expertise lie in what the future holds for social, digital and technology-based experiences. At The Mill, Anna works hand in hand with our clients who face emerging challenges as technology is evolving the way brands are able to engage with consumers. Anna’s goal is to combine emotional resonance with technological relevance, to create groundbreaking work.

We asked Anna what is inspiring her now:

“The entire world of reality. Inspired by the work we’re doing with gaming brands. I think the worlds of augmented and virtual reality offer up some interesting questions for brands and people alike. If we begin to layer a new reality on to that which we have today what does that change? How do we connect to brands in this environment? How do we connect to each other? Do we lose connections? Who has the right to dictate this new reality? Where does governance come from? There are a lot of questions and multiple different answers which I’m always a fan of as it offers up lots of opportunities for debate.”

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