Meet Annabelle Penloup | Global Director of Commercial Strategy & Operations

Community July 6, 2021

Annabelle Penloup plays a pivotal role in The Mill’s executive leadership team, defining strategic growth initiatives across the business globally. Her passion for championing creative opportunities has led The Mill to partner with top brands and creative partners, as well as pioneer new relationships and capabilities.

As The Mill’s Global Director of Commercial Strategy & Operations, Annabelle ensures the inner workings of The Mill are globally aligned and constantly evolving, so that our creative teams are best positioned to deliver unforgettable work to our brand, agency and production partners.

Annabelle’s background in commercial strategy and growth potential come from years of experience at multinational network, Deloitte, across both Paris and New York. She is also an investor for Time for the Planet; the first investment company with a mission, entirely dedicated to saving the planet.

We asked Annabelle what she predicts the next 6 months holds for market trends, and where she sees growth potential in the advertising space. 

“The future of advertising is about elevating our traditional concept of sales – it’s about creating a deeper connection with consumers, who are increasingly in demand of commerce that should reflect values. As we emerge from the pandemic, there is an incredible opportunity for brands to reconnect with their consumer base, harnessing the power of the world’s growing media appetite and search for connections. Advertising will evolve into Branded Content and Entertainment across all forms of platforms; from traditional TV advertising to video games to live experiences and film, powered by brands building a sense of community and brand loyalty.”

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