Meet Liz Pavitt | Managing Director, Growth

Our newly appointed Managing Director, Growth, Liz Pavitt, talks about the focus of our future offering and plans to push the business forward.
Community January 26, 2022

Liz Pavitt, Managing Director, Growth, The Mill

Originally heralding from London, Liz has a passion to help brands make beautiful and effective content across all channels and platforms. Growing up through the ranks of viral video production in the UK in the naughties, she then moved stateside to help a leading business on their stratospheric growth trajectory. She is beyond excited to be joining The Mill to spread the word about our world-class experience and creative production across the globe.

Liz, welcome to The Mill! Can you talk us through your role new?

Of course! I’m joining the Mill to lead the direct-to-brand global growth initiative across our experience and creative production offerings.

We recently united with MPC, how does the collaboration plan to work together to deliver a greater breadth of creative work?

Combining the two companies adds strength to strength, and immediately enables us to better service our clients’ needs right across our offering. As well as having an even broader bench of talent to pull from, it also enables us to open up more opportunities to our valued staff, and further aid career progression. We will now be one international studio, with the ability to define the future of VFX and creative technology in Advertising and experience.

What does the rest of the year hold for The Mill?

As world-renowned visual storytellers who have led the charge on the evolution of VFX and computer graphics over the past 30 years, we are naturally best-placed to created pinnacle experiences for the world’s most ambitious brands, in existing and new markets. Our master crafters of simulated, elevated, and extended realities are ready to guide help create the building blocks of the metaverse. A great example of this is the Pentakill – Lost Chapter virtual concert we produced in partnership with Riot – an unprecedented music + gaming + entertainment hybrid event that collides the real and virtual in entirely new ways.

We’re soon opening a new office in Seoul, why is that the right market to head to next?

We understand what’s best for our clients, and in order to promote ease of collaboration, it makes total business sense to have The Mill’s talent on the ground locally, close to our clients. This gives us a real advantage as we help them to navigate the future of content and the metaverse. 

Where do you see the future going for the Mill?

Our clients come to The Mill seeking best-in-class experiences and brand guidance on how best to position themselves in this new world of spatial experiences. Being a trusted pair of hands to help brands choose the right experiences within the metaverse, and producing them to the highest quality will continue to grow. I’m particularly excited about the use and application of digital twins –photorealistic digital assets, the products that inhabit a brand’s metaverse. Our ability to produce at scale 3D assets including environments for the digital experience and beyond is a major focus of our future offering.

Get in touch with our team if you would like to discover more about our growth plans or would like to discuss a potential project.