Meet The Berlin Team | Designer & Matte Painter Eilis Scally on her favourite projects & her journey into the creative industry

Thought July 21, 2022

What is your role and how long have you worked at The Mill?

My title is Designer & Matter Painter but I also do pitch work, research, story boarding and concept art. I have worked with The Mill for 2 and half years.

What is your favourite thing about working / living in Berlin?

I’m into my 10th year in Berlin and I love that it’s a city that still has it’s surprises. I think Berlin really promotes a healthy work life balance, people don’t ask you what do you do, they are more likely to ask you what your passionate about and that perspective really helps you to bring your passion into your everyday life plus your never stuck for creative inspiration and projects to get involved in.

What has been the project you have enjoyed working on the most?

I would have to start with Samsung ‘The Spider & The Window’, having the whole team come together on this under Marta’s leadership was a really special. Another would be Dairy Queen – this was my first chance to do concepting work for an animation and I loved it! Lastly I would mention Edeka; seeing animations of that level come together in such a short period of time from the Berlin and London team was mind blowing, I always feel very lucky to be surrounded by such talented people.

Are there any hidden gems in Berlin that you can share with us?

The hidden gems for me are the amazing people I’ve met here. A perfect day for me would be adventuring through different events and being open to wherever the night takes you. But if I had to recommend an activity, I’d say get a blow up boat, some Sekt, fun friends and spend a day on the canal in the sun or even better go to the lakes and forests surrounding the city.

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