Meet The Berlin Team | FX Artist Matthias Tatge discusses his favourite Mill projects & how he was introduced to the industry

Community October 17, 2022

What is your role at The Mill?

I just started working at The Mill Berlin as a Jr. FX Artist. It’s my first job after graduating university.


What are you most looking forward to about working / living in Berlin?

Berlin really has a way of showing you a different side of itself every time you visit, which makes it an adventure every time. Now, after many stays as an outsider, I’m excited to delve in fully and find a spot for myself in the city – and most of all, I’m aiming to finish my local Restaurant hit list.


What are some of your favourite Mill projects?

Mill has a lot of great projects. I would have to start with ‘The Reset’ for Verizon. I really love how they nailed all the different facets of lags, I and so many others experienced in games. It is very fun to watch, modern but also nostalgic at same time. Samsung ‘The Spider & The Window’ charmed me with its simple story and effective visual storytelling.

How did you get into the VFX industry?

When I was still in school, I edited gameplay footage of shooters like counter-strike or call of duty. I remember my first steps with camera tracking in boujou and cranking my subdivisions in blender to such an extent that my laptop literally started to melt. It was a fun hobby but at that time it didn’t come to my mind to get a job in this field. So, I got a job at a local bank. It took me 4 years to realise what I really wanted to do. 

I went back to school to get a degree that allowed me to study and got into university. It was half way through my studies when a friend of mine showed me Houdini. It was intimidating at first but after almost a year of him convincing me, I gave it a try and can’t imagine myself doing anything else yet.


What is inspiring you?

I think I get most of my inspiration from exchanging experiences and interests with friends and colleagues across different disciplines. In my opinion the interdisciplinary exchange is one of the best ways to escape deadlocked views and gather new ideas.

You can get in touch with our Berlin Studio regarding your upcoming VFX projects here.