Meet the Midwest Team | 60 seconds with Larissa Berringer, Executive Producer – Design

Community May 8, 2023

Tell us about your role as an Executive Producer at The Mill and your VFX career journey. 

My VFX career journey has spanned 10+ years, ranging from small boutique design studios to large VFX facilities (including a prior stop at The Mill). In my current role I have a particular focus (and fondness) on Creative Production and Design. I enjoy bringing together my learnings from each of the studios I’ve worked at, and working with our global creative network to make some of the best work of my career.

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve been a part of at The Mill?

Partnering with the Creative Agency Digitas, we executed an Immersive Design activation for Delta & Starbucks for this year’s CES. From The Mill we had a design team spanning from LA to New York, spearheaded out of our Chicago office. Our Digitas clients were a joy to work with, and the activation was a big success for everyone involved.

Straight on the heels of that project, I EP’d a Jeep Electric Slide ad for Super Bowl 2023, directed by Mill+ director Nic Yiallouris for our good friends at Highdive. It was my first time being onset as an EP for a large Super Bowl ad, and it was a fantastic experience. Our VFX team was located in London and spearheaded by ECD Carsten Keller. The CG creature was not an easy one, and this team nailed it – and included some of the best creature artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Not bad for my first two projects out of the gate in Chicago!

How do you want to shape the next generation of production at The Mill?

I would love for the next generation of production at The Mill to hone the craft of creative producing. What I mean by that is two-fold, firstly being able to think outside the box in regards to how a project is approached and managed in response to a client brief including any budget and schedule parameters. The second part is actively engaging in the creative development process by collaborating fully with creative leads to not only be a project manager, but to also contribute to the creative process with thoughtful ideas and feedback.

What do you love most about working at The Mill?

Without a doubt it is the talented people that make up this company. I am impressed on a daily basis by the caliber of talent I interact with across our global network.

What is your favorite thing about the city of Chicago?

Chicago is home for me. I love the beautiful cityscape and architecture. The cleanliness of the city as a whole, and the Lakefront path and parks. It’s really a wonderful place to call home.

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