Meet the Seoul Team | Our VP & Head of Studio Tony Choi

Our newly appointed VP, Head of Studio at Mill Seoul, Tony Choi, talks about why he's excited about launching The Mill in South Korea.
Community November 10, 2022

Tony Choi brings with him over 30 years of experience in production, tapping into western and eastern cultures across Australia, America and South Korea. He is super excited to be joining The Mill to expand its global offering of world-class VFX, creative production and experience in the APAC market.


Tony, why are you excited about Mill Seoul?

With South Korea being a top 10 ranked commercial industry in the world, the home to culture shifting entertainment including Squid Game, Parasite, BTS, Black Pink to name a few, this market deserves world-class production, and there is no better brand to take the South Korean market by storm than the largest VFX studio on the world: The Mill. I am really happy to be the core of this new change at Mill Seoul.


Can you tell us about your experience?

I have worked within the production as a producer for over 30 years, my motto being MAKE IT HAPPEN! KEEP IT BALANCED. I’ve worked in Australia, USA and South Korea which has helped me to build a diverse connection between western and eastern culture across over 300 projects that I have been involved in. I also have agency experience when I worked as a freelance producer.


What will we be able to offer with Mill Seoul?

The Mill will now have 10 offices globally operating on different time zones, with over 1500 artists working 24/7 through our network of studios across the globe. With no other post-production offering like this, what The Mill can offer is really unique. 


What are you most looking forward to over the 12 months?

I’m really looking forward to growing a strong VFX team with supporting crew on production and experience in house. By 2023 I would like to see this grow 50% bigger, and better!



Get in touch with our team if you would like to discover more about our growth plans or would like to discuss a potential project.