Meet the Super Bowl Specialists | EP Anastasia von Rahl delves into her most memorable creative Super Bowl collaborations

Every year we collaborate with partners and clients to bring a variety of incredible spots to the screens of almost 100 million US viewers and plenty more worldwide for The NFL's Super Bowl. Ahead of the 55th annual event, we are chatting to The Mill talent who’ve got a few Super Bowl seasons under their belt about what makes an iconic spot.
Work February 1, 2021

What’s your relationship with Super Bowl? 

Years ago, when I first interviewed at The Mill, they asked me what I wanted to work on at The Mill. My answer was simple: “I want to make Super Bowl commercials”.


What makes a Super Bowl spot impactful?  

For me, Super Bowl commercials are all about collaboration, which is a result of the unique circumstances in which these projects are created. There are tight timelines, unique budgets, strict schedules, and high creative expectations. Everyone is working in tandem, going above and beyond in terms of time and energy, to create the best possible result because they know how many eyeballs will be tuned in to see it air in the peak Super Bowl slot.


What’s the most memorable Super Bowl spot you’ve worked on?  

Honestly, every single spot that The Mill has done has a piece of my heart. There are memorable moments of producing, such as when the head of an agency came in to approve their Super Bowl commercial and shared the suite with my 2-year-old son, Halston, who was crawling around on the floor during review! In another year, with another brand, we sat with agency and director in the suite waiting with bated breath to find out which edit would lock 48hours ahead of the ship date! The people and the process make the experience so special.

What makes The Mill such a trusted Super Bowl partner?

Year after year I am so honored by the trust that our clients and brands put in us. This is often one of the biggest pieces of content of the year for them, and so much of its success hinges on our involvement. I’m always in awe of that, it never stops being a privilege. On The Mill side, Super Bowl ‘season’ is unifying for the studios, it touches everyone in some way or another. There’s an impressive team mentality, where everyone steps in to pick up and help one another. We are all in it together! The passion and pride is palpable. We are fortunate enough to have the scalability to take on multiple projects, the quantity of highly skilled people that can crush each commercial… not to mention a delivery team that can deliver the huge quantity of versions and specs required.


What’s your favorite type of Super Bowl commercial?

For me personally, I love the celebrities! I’m always so excited to see who’ll appear and how. I also love the comedy, after a stressful year, I look forward to tuning in for some humor and light relief.


To enjoy some of the celeb spots Anastasia is a fan of, check out our article Super Bowl Throwbacks | Surprising Celebrities. You can get in contact with our VFX team to discuss any upcoming projects here.

Executive Producer | Anastasia von Rahl