Messi, Pogba & Martens feature in The Mill and Copa90’s interactive WebAR experience for Lay’s & Pepsi Max

The WebAR experience is in support of the Men's UEFA Champions League and UEFA Women's Football.
Work May 24, 2021

The Mill partnered with Copa 90 to create a casual gaming experience featuring three of the biggest football stars on the planet to tie in with the latest campaign for Lays, Pepsi and the UEFA Champions League. Designed to promote the fun side of football in line with the cheeky tone of the campaign, fans can participate in a spot of light showboating with Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and Lieke Martens.

This was designed to be accessible to football fans all over the world. Targeting the web and relatively new WebAR technologies meant that fans could access the experience instantly without the need to download an app or go via a social network that may be blocked in their country.

The three players were modelled and optimised so they could run on a wide range of devices. The moves of the footballers were motion-captured via a motion capture suit with the creative tech team experimenting with capturing simultaneous volumetric streams as a quick and easy way to track the ball in relation to the performer. This was all tied together with individual signature tricks, meticulously hand-animated from reference.

The result is an experience that allows fans to participate in a fun sporting moment with their favourite players. Suitable for all skill levels and across a wide variety of devices on a platform that allows instant access for all, which is only fitting for the most popular sport in the world.

“Web AR truly democratises AR content and we were excited to partner with Copa90 to craft an interactive experience in an innovative way and deliver it to as wide an audience as possible.”
Creative Director, Kevin Young

Lionel Messi | Pepsi x Lays AR Filter

Paul Pogba | Pepsi x Lays AR Filter

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