Mill Animation Supervisor Marion Strunck’s key takeaways from BFX Festival

Last week Mill Animation Supervisor Marion Strunck headed down to Bournemouth VFX Festival to talk about the animation process in advertising. We spoke to Marion to discover her key takeaways from the event and why festivals like BFX are so important to the industry.
Community November 14, 2022

You recently spoke at the BFX Festival, what was your talk on?

It was a 15 minute talk about the animation process in advertising, showcasing the two different animation styles of our recent McDonalds ‘Sonic’ spot and Direct Line’s ‘Optimus Prime. I talked through the process of animating for commercials compared to films, and analysed the different movement styles, proportions and personalities of the characters that we as animators have to adapt to in a fast-paced environment. After that we had a panel discussion.

How important are festivals like BFX?

Festivals like BFX bring people together and push connections, ideas, and inspiration. It’s important for us to keep up to date with the latest industry developments as well as helping new talent grow.

What was your key takeaway from the event?

Something that is becoming more and more relevant now is that advertising, film and TV work processes seem to be slowly merging and speeding up the ability to adapt to changes quickly and problem solve.

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