Mill Bangalore | Latest Highlights

Welcome to the latest edition of our Mill Bangalore Highlights series. Each quarter, we will share insights, highlights, projects and behind the scenes activity taking place in our Bangalore studio. Here's a glimpse of some of the projects the team have been working on lately.
Work July 17, 2020

Direct Line ‘We’re On It’ | The Mill LDN workshare

Bumblebee – Our team worked on the classic vintage Beetle transformer from the film ‘Bumblebee’ in this Direct Line spot where the transformer is on a mission to save a damsel in distress, breaking through walls and jumping over trains. We were mainly focused on Animation and Lighting for the Bumblebee character. The key challenge was to achieve the transformations convincingly and match the mannerisms of a much-loved character.

Three ‘5G Future’ | The Mill LDN workshare

In Three’s ‘Real 5G’, the team handled the gamer sequence. Our challenge was to integrate 3D elements such as the robotic tail, wings, etc. with live action characters along with other elements such as spaceships. The DMP team (Digital Matte Painting) also contributed to the sky replacement. The challenge here was to figure out the look and feel of the VFX as this spot was part realistic, part fantasy, with flying lasers and explosions.

FDA Anti-vape ‘The Metal Monster’ | The Mill NY workshare

The Metal Monster’ is the first in the series of 3 spots in the FDA’s Anti-Vape campaign for 2020. Our talented team led by the amazing Rune Mansson contributed to all CG aspects of the campaign films from Tracking, Assets, DMP, Animation, Fx and Lighting. The particular spot was on a 3-week shot production schedule which is rather tight considering the complexity and the different stages involved. The trickiest parts were getting across the feeling of lurching danger in its predatory movements and conveying the harmful metal particles entering the lungs without making everything too overly animated or forceful.

Creativity in Isolation

The lockdown here in India has seen many of our artists use their newfound spare time on personal projects in art, both traditional media and CG. With the opportunity to brush up skills in certain areas or finally conquer ideas they’ve had for a long time, we pulled together some highlights for you. Here are a select few from our artists:


Artist: Rakesh Bharath | Title: ‘Voronoi’ | Egg shell carving

Artist: Kanishk Chauhan | Title ‘Sadhu’ | 3D art made in Blender

Artist: Kalpesh Patel | Title: ‘Black Lives Matter’ | Drawing, pen on paper

Artist: Guru Prasad Narayanan | Title: ‘Nightfall now’ | Water color on paper

Artist: Bhavesh Ramachandra Budhkar | Title: ‘Snow Karma’ | Shader development

Artist: Girish GR | Title: ‘Explore’ | Converting old sketches into Unreal

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