Mill Berlin | Giving the new Mercedes G-Class film fangs

Work February 22, 2022

We teamed up with Director Sebastian Strasser of production company Anorak, and Mercedes to launch their new G-Class series with a mini vampire movie. To showcase it’s new timeless design, Mercedes wanted to create a story to be released on Valentines day that evoked ‘Immortal Love’ for their cars.

The Mill provided Mercedes brief with a bite, with our VFX teams igniting this reinterpretation of Romeo & Juliet with a vampire twist, helping Mercedes classics live forever and keep hearts racing.

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Prod Co: Anorak
Director: Sebastian Strasser
DoP: Benoit Soler
Exec Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser
Producer: Toni Jaschke
Agency: Antoni
Managing Director/Executive Creative Director: Marcell Franke
Creative Director: Christopher Hoene
Mischa Meyer:
Grading: SLGH
Colourist: Romola Davies
Producer: Christian Wegehenkel
The Mill team
Creative Director: Dan Williams
VFX Supervisor: Stefan Susemihl
2D Lead: Tom Freeman
CG Lead: Dave Hempstead
Compositors: Lonni Wong, Neil Reynolds
Exec Producer: Imogen Pai
Producer: Konrad Weser
Prod Assist: Sacha Aurik
Matte Painting: Jiyoung Lee