Mill Berlin | Meet The Team

Thought July 7, 2020

The Mill Berlin is our new boutique studio in the heart of Berlin, having launched officially in January 2020. Situated in the creative hub of Mitte, The Mill Berlin studio is just a stone’s throw away from some of Germany’s best agencies, production companies and brands. The new studio brings our full range of creative services from Colour to Experiential and Interactive, as well as world-class visual effects, design and creative origination to the Berlin market and beyond. The studio has already been awarded multiple accolades including silver and bronze awards for VFX from both ADC and Die Klappe.

Meet the team below.

Justin Stiebel – Executive Producer

Tell us your best Berlin experience yet

Just the overall experience of coming home to be honest. I lived in London for 10 years so to be back on my home turf is great, I had definitely missed the more relaxed pace of life (and my mum!). And of course getting the studio up and running – it has been a long yet wonderful experience that I feel very grateful to be a part of.

Having just moved to Berlin, what is your favourite thing about your new city?

Marta Carbonell Amela – 3D Lead

One of my favourite things is the timeless feeling, for example when you see old school cars parked outside that are from a different generation, and for a few seconds you are transported to a different time. It’s a city with a lot of history that is really present in the streets, people, architecture and art. At the same time however, you feel an energy that is constantly looking for innovation, figuring out how to express art in new exciting ways. Being reborn like a phoenix from the ashe

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone visiting Berlin?

Greg Spencer – Creative Director

When in the Berghain queue, wear black and keep your mouth shut.

How does the creative environment in Berlin differ from that of London?

Stefan Susemihl – Visual Effects Supervisor

The scene feels a lot more spontaneous compared to London. For sure London is well known for its richness in art and creative work, but also very well established. Berlin, on the other hand, feels creative everywhere you go, there is always that curious, flâneur, perspective on everything you experience here. On the creative work we craft here in Berlin, to be honest, hasn’t changed much. In London, even though being a massive building, we always prioritised making sure the interaction between us and clients was more of a partnership than just a matter of executing the job. There was always that intention of making the experience as close as possible to a small boutique, the difference is that we are actually a small boutique here in Berlin.

What are you most excited about experiencing next in Berlin?

Mickey O’Donoghue – 3D Lead

I think Berlin lends itself well to spontaneity. Steeped in history and culture, but also remaining small and intimate, it’s easy to wander around and bump into something new to experience. However, having scratched my culture itch at the beginning of the year, and as the weather starts to heat up, I may aim to venture beyond the city and into one of the surrounding nature parks. Dust off the cobwebs, and don my Bear Grylls-esque attire.

Best and worst thing about Berlin?

Jorg Schulz-Gerchow – 2D Lead

BEST: Summers – they are really long and warm and there are plenty of outdoors bars, restaurants and parks where Berlin’s eclectic crowds gather. My favourite summer pastime in Berlin is sitting by the Spree (the local river) with a glass of wine in my hand watching the sunset.

WORST: Winters – they’re all fun up until Christmas with the markets and decorations but once the magic is over reality hits: Cold winds howl through the big concrete alleys of Berlin and it gets freezing cold. But: Nightlife doesn’t stop so there’s still some fun to be had. My tip: Avoid January and February for a visit.

Are there any hidden gems in Berlin that you can share with us?

Imogen Pai – Producer

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m obsessed with pasta, so when I stumbled across Facciola last year I was one happy lady. It’s a dark, cosy restaurant situated on a quiet street in Kreuzberg, that serves slabs of the most delicious lasagna. Their wine selection is also worth a mention. Other amazing restaurants can be found on, my go-to when searching for new eats!

Could you share something that moving to Berlin has taught you?

Eilis Scally – Design Intern

I moved to Berlin 8 years ago, I expected to only be here a few months and move on but the quality of life here and creative buzz of the city got under my skin and I’ve since made Berlin my home. I’ve definitely learnt a lot in this time – the city really gives you space to grow in whatever direction you choose and I find that extremely empowering. I’ve learnt even more so, to always keep an open mind, focus and a positive attitude to help make the most of the opportunities this city has to offer; because even on the greyest of Berlin days this place and the people here can inspire and take you on journeys you never thought you’d have.

How has the transition from London to Berlin been?

Stevie Sapiano – Production Assistant

There have been ups and downs of course, but overall it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I lived in Hamburg before moving to London so am very fortunate to speak German and already love the lifestyle – it’s hard to beat a späti beer in the sun after work. While I love London, the pace of life is pretty extreme so I’m enjoying things being slightly more relaxed here. Berlin is such a diverse and fun city – it’s a dream to live here and I very much look forward to what the future holds in both my work and personal life.

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