Mill Classics | Fashion Accessories

From creating a fully CG dinosaur toy for Coach to working with six fashion & design illustrators from around the world for the launch of Prada Raw Avenue, we've selected Mill Classics in Fashion Accessories from over the years. Check them out below.
Work July 24, 2020

Prada Raw Avenue

Cartier | Ramadan 2019

We teamed up once again with Cartier to create the annual spot for their Ramadan campaign. Mill Director Ben Smith comments “Using this idea as a starting point, we developed and produced a concept for the Ramadan 2019 campaign for Cartier, Middle East. We shot plates at the beautiful Mahkama Du Pacha palace, in Casablanca, then developed the language of metamorphosis that transformed details of the palace into precious Cartier designs, and gemstones.”

Coach | Introducing Rexy

David Yurman | Enduring Style: Venetian Quatrefoil

We worked with world renowned jewellery designer David Yurman worked with co-director Nathan Copan on ‘Enduring Style: Venetian Quatrefoil’ created for the premier of the quartrefoil jewellery design, the culmination of a decade of work.

Prada Raw Avenue

Six fashion and design illustrators from around the world contributed their work in a unique collaboration for the launch of Prada Raw Avenue, the brand’s newest venture in eyewear. From APRIL Milano in collaboration with The Mill, ACNE and Musikvernuegen, each eye-catching illustration was animated to bring life to the new line in a vibrant way.

Google Android | Wear What You Want

Droga5 and Logan & Sons director Alexei Tylevich collaborated with The Mill for Android’s “Wear What You Want” for the “Be together. Not the Same.” campaign. Set to “On the Regular” by Shamir, this colorfully fun spot showcases Android’s newest options in wearable tech.

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