Mill Classics | Photoreal Human Edition

Community July 6, 2021

Smart Energy ‘Einstein Knows Best’

“The understanding of what makes a photoreal human has progressed hugely over the past few years and the data we can obtain has really advanced. From more methods of accurately scanning faces to obtain high-resolution meshes with macro-level skin details, through to advanced methods of capturing facial performance and body motion, we have a lot of incredible workflows to make sure we are staying as ‘true to real life’ as possible.

We really are only scratching the surface of what we can achieve with these advancements in data capture and we will ultimately see more benefits utilising artificial intelligence to train the computer in understanding the makeup of a digital human.

Fundamentally we are exploiting this technology in the right way to make sure that we are not only producing photo-real visuals but also creating an engaging character to tell a compelling story. The creative opportunities are endless and for me, the exciting part is figuring out the best approach for any creative brief- whether it's for traditional VFX or experiential content”
Alex Hammond, Head of 3D
Check out some of our most memorable spots featuring photoreal humans below:

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