Mill Classics | Rolling out real-time

Take a look at the collection of work where our artists have used real-time technology to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.
Work September 22, 2021

Real-time animation for Cashmere Cat’s music video ‘Emotions’

As game engine technology continues to bring new dimensions of content design for 3D artists and within the expanding metaverse, our work with real-time technology goes back a while. We’ve dug into our archives and have brought together some of our work where our artists have used real-time rendering to create visual masterpieces from reskinning the new Mazda MX-30 to developing the world’s first ever remote tattoo for T-Mobile. Whether it’s tapping into Unreal Engine or Unity software, here’s the work our artists have taken to the next level with real-time capabilities…

HPE ‘Glitchy’ Monster

We teamed up with HPE and Publicis to create a one-of-a-kind live experience that debuted at HPE’s Discover Conference. Using Mill Mascot, Glitchy (a fully CG character) we were able to perform live on-stage as well as interact with conference attendees in a custom installation.

During the conference’s biggest Keynote speech, Glitchy provided a comical interruption, bursting onto screen ready to play with the crowd. To prove that this was an improvised performance with no pre-rendered animation and that Glitchy was being puppeteered live backstage, the character interacted, not only with the keynote speaker but with members of the audience in real-time

Mazda’s MX-30 SUV

We joined forces with Redwood BBDO to create two campaigns for the Mazda MX-30. The first took place at the end of 2019 and involved the VFX team reskinning the all-new electric SUV. In addition to this, they were recently briefed to create visual assets to showcase the vehicle’s unique design features for Mazda Stories. These were done in Unreal Engine, which has real-time rendering and an Automotive toolset – making it the ideal tool for this campaign.

T-Mobile 5G Tattoo

We teamed up with creative agency Anomaly Amsterdam to bring 5G closer to home and underpin T-Mobile’s reputation as The Netherland’s most trusted network. In order to do this we developed ‘The Impossible Tattoo’: the world’s first-ever remote tattoo, powered by T-Mobile’s 5G technology.

Live from Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash at The Game Awards

We partnered with Respawn Entertainment and set out to attempt something unprecedented; to bring the beloved Apex Legends character Mirage to life in an unimaginable way on stage, live and ‘in person’ at The Game Awards. Co-directed by our own David Lawson, Lisha Tan and Creative Director Drew Stauffer, this never-before-seen blend between the virtual world and the real world all happened in real-time, allowing a virtual Mirage to interact with The Game Awards’ host, Geoff Keighley.

Jaguar ‘Catwalk’

Working closely with Imagination we created an intelligent real-time jaguar and an interactive AR experience to showcase at auto shows, built with a personalized photo takeaway.

Formula 1 2020 Title Sequence

We joined forces with Sky Creative to bring to life these high octane titles for Sky F1’s 2020 Coverage. By integrating Epic Games Unreal Engine into our pipeline, our team were able to deliver final pixels featuring high-quality assets combined with live-action plates. Working in Unreal, we were able to lead multiple attended 3D Previz sessions with Sky in which we had the freedom to make real-time iterations. Ultimately, this gave us the freedom to develop the narrative and grow the scope and ambition of our contribution.

Cashmere Cat ‘Emotions’

We collaborated with Norwegian musician Cashmere Cat and renowned Director Jake Schreier on the groundbreaking music video ‘Emotions’. The result is not only a visually stunning promo, but an advanced application of real-time technology that pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

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