Mill Classics | The CG Crowds Edition

From creating an enormous CG mountain entirely out of people for PlayStation to building a life-sized stadium from sofas, armchairs and dining chairs for Sky Sports, we've pulled together some of our most epic CG crowd work from over the years. You can check them out below.
Work August 13, 2021

PlayStation | Mountain

Five cameras filmed a crowd of over 500 extras choreographed to run through the streets of Rio as they climb buildings and end up piled into a mountain of people. In post production, we added a combination of crowd replication, set extension and CG work for the extreme wide shots. Mill 3D artist Jordi Bares used Massive software to create thousands of extra digital characters climbing and running, each with a brain to determine their actions. For the biggest shot, Jordi created 146,000 digital people with unique vision, sound and touch-based artificial intelligence to make them behave realistically.

Nike | Dream Further

We continued our collaboration with Prettybird’s Director Francois Rousselet, along with Wieden + Kennedy for Nike ‘Dream Further’ as part of their ‘Just Do It’ campaign. The spot features some of the tournament’s biggest names: Australia’s Sam Kerr, Brazil’s Andressa Alves and the Netherlands’ Lieke Martens are among a plethora of France-bound stars. The film was unveiled during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham.

Hennessey | Major

We joined forces with Droga5 to bring Hennessy’s ‘Major’ to life. Our VFX team, led by David Fleet and Gavin Wellsman worked closely with Cianfrance and the creative team from Droga5 to create this powerful story through a multitude of digital effects, including some scenes crafted almost entirely in CGI.

BWIN | Club Almighty

We teamed up with Director Jack Driscoll of Academy Films and BBH for BWIN’s ‘Club Almighty’ campaign. The spot was brought to life by The Mill’s VFX and Colour teams. Creative Director Mike ‘Chappers’ Chapman states; “The main challenge for us on the job was to bring the scale, making this football club four times bigger than any other on the planet! This started with the Stadium, which was based on the 70,000 capacity Olympic stadium in Kiev. Upon designing the stadium, an extra 6 tiers was added to make it look colossal but still feasible – even when rammed to the rafters with hundreds of thousands of screaming fans”.

Sky Sports | Take Your Seat

Working with adam&eveDDB and Director Sam Brown through Rogue Films, we helped bring to life this energetic, fast-paced spot for Sky Sports. Our VFX team brought to life an entire stadium built completely out of sofas, armchairs, stools and dining chairs. Mill 3D artist John Wood explains “The piece was shot at an unused racing stadium in the Ukraine, meaning we had to adapt the CG crowd dramatically to ensure this looked like an authentic football stadium crowd.”

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